NICATS tensioners – Reasons to invest

  1. Tension on a pallet loadThe device design has a registered UK patent (no. GB 2568532B)
  2. The device design is patent pending internationally. This process commenced on the 6th November 2018. It is well underway with publication having already taken place in many countries. Please ask for details.
  3. The market potential is great. Our research indicates that approximately 1.5 million conventional ratchet straps are produced annually in Europe alone.
  4. Based on our target cost for a typical installation, just 1% of this market roughly equates to a £6.5 million annual business turnover, in the EU alone. Our expectations are much higher though, around 10% initially. When the product is rolled out into the rest of the world, it would be at least four times greater.
  5. Repeat business. This is expected to be strong, the average life of a typical trailer is 3 to 4 years. We would expect the majority of vehicle operators will install new equipment in line with that time scale.
  6. The rope used in the tensioners is a bespoke product and is only available through our organisation, this would be a consumable item as are the webbing straps.
  7. There are other applications which we have yet to fully consider (e.g. marine, rail and aviation transport).
  8. We are offering up to a 50% share in the product in return for investment and marketing/promotional contribution.
  9. Additional benefits are available to the investor through royalties.

NICATS tensioners – Expectations of investors

The product development programme is ongoing but would benefit from additional funding to get it to a speedy conclusion. The programme is 85% complete with two clear areas requiring additional work. Investment in this area would enable timely completion of the development within 6 months. This work is ongoing at the moment but will take longer to complete without investment.

We expect that the route to market will necessitate a goods vehicle/trailer being fitted with our tensioners for demonstration and proving purposes. This will require discussions with a willing trailer manufacturer and funding to cover the cost. An investor with influence in the industry would be welcome with this requirement.

As part of the promotional requirement, we will need to have the product endorsed as far as possible by the numerous stakeholders in the UK industry, such as the Health and Safety Executive, DVSA and the Road Haulage Association to name but a few. This will need the services of suitable sales professionals to carry out the necessary presentations and preparations. We would welcome any professional contribution for this function as well as funding.

When sufficient interest in the product has generated sales we will need investment to fund the manufacture and build of the production units until the business becomes self-funding.

We anticipate that foreign supply would be provided by regional partners (e.g. Kinedyne in USA) who would be granted exclusivity to the product in return for royalties. This may require that we obtain similar regional stakeholder endorsements. We would welcome any professional contribution for this function as well as funding.

The international patent applications require funding which would result in additional benefits to an investor by way of the aforementioned royalties, this would be on a regional basis.

Our wish is to get the product to market as quickly as possible. As such we are seeking investment to achieve this in line with the international patent applications coming through.

NICATS tensioners – Route to market

We believe the route to market will be to launch the product in the UK first, followed by the European countries etc. Simply stated this will involve the following tasks. Many of these tasks can be carried out at the same time.

  • Complete the product development (about 6 months)
  • Have a website for the product created
  • Produce marketing literature (brochure, data sheets, pricing etc.)
  • Have a typical vehicle/trailer fitted with an installation of the units
  • Carry out practical testing with the vehicle/trailer and prepare marketing videos
  • Make presentations to the various stakeholder organisations
  • Obtain endorsements where applicable
  • Get articles published in the relevant journals
  • Conduct sales campaign